Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners

Several bloggers I subscribe to had been raving about these glitter liquid liners from Collection 2000 some time ago. They had been considered even better than Urban Decay’s offering; the Heavy Metal Liners. While I don’t any of these, I knew they were held in high regard by the beauty community so decided to bypass those and pick up a few Glam Crystals.

I have been such a magpie lately and cannot get enough of all things glitter! It is my current addiction!

There were nine colour offerings in my local Boots (although there are fourteen in total in existence) and I managed to have a cheeky swatch of them all before picking the two I would trial. Ah how those lovely Boots shop assistants probably talk about the ‘weird swatch girl’ behind my back.

Top Row (Left to right); 01 Glitz, 03 Funk, 04 Hustle, 05 Le Freak, 07 Rock Chick, 08 Dancing Queen
Bottom Row (Left to right); 11 Shake It Up!, 13 Va Va Voom, 14 Dig It!

As you can see, the pigmentation does vary slightly between colours. I opted for two that stood out to me in terms of colour and pigmentation;  Hustle and Le Freak. They retail for €4.70 each.

’04 Hustle’ is an intense grey silver. If you’re a glitter liner newbie, you may find silver to be the easiest colour to go to for a sparkle! Any pinkness in the photo is actually a reflection of my phone cover so don’t be confused! The pigmentation is really strong and I can see this being a new most-reached-for product. It also looks great over black liner!

Swatched over foundation and powder only.

Swatched on top of black eyeliner.

05 – Le Freak

’05 Le Freak’ is a stunning bold turquoise shimmer. I have yet to actually wear this colour but it would look incredible teamed with some purple eyeshadow. I opted for this as it was the most pigmented of the bunch and I do have a thing for all things turquoise! My little sister borrowed this and wore it over Urban Decay’s ‘Flipside’ eyeshadow. She said she absolutely adore it so if it goes missing, I’ll know where to look!

The brush is nice and precise making this liner very easy to use, even for those new to liquids. It dries quickly and has great lasting power.

Swatched on top of foundation and powder only.

Swatched on top of Urban Decay’s ‘Flipside’ eyeliner.

Be careful! Some colours such as Le Freak, Dancing Queen and Shake It Up! stained my hand! So ensure to wear a shadow or something underneath. Other than that I cannot fault them!

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