Fashion therapies 2020 amid covid 19

4 Fashion Therapies Amid COVID-19 to Lift Your Spirits

Do you remember the time when we could have given anything to get work from home? And, now, when the whole world is working from the comfort of their home, it has become the new monotonous, so much so that we don’t even remember the last time we wore our favourite outfit, shoes or even accessories. If boredom is pinning you down amid coronavirus and if you are feeling miserable, first off, let us tell you – been there, done that!

Now comes the second point, which is how to lift our spirits up and fight this pandemic while oozing oomph. Trust us, it is possible. All you need is faith in you and, obviously, a little bit on us! So, we present to you 4 ways that can buoy you up in no time.

Fashion Therapies Amid COVID-19

Without much ado, lets get started and we bet, you would start feeling better as soon as you start following these fashion therapies amid COVID-19.

1. Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.

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Okay! So, this is going to be our thumb rule. No matter you are a fashion buff or no if you get up on time, take a bath, dress up and get ready, you would feel better. Getting up late and sitting in the bed the entire day, makes us ponder upon several things, one of them being what is the point of living a life which is all about killing time? Well, if this thought has crossed your mind in the recent time, all you have to do is get up, dress up, and show up and you certainly will feel a lot of positivity around you. You don’t even ask you to wear the fanciest of your outfits, but wear something breezy, cottony, and breathable and you are good to go!

2. H&M

Oh, this is not what you think it is! by H&M, we mean hair and makeup. While dressing up would do the trick for you, what would complete your look is an au natural makeup and a good hairstyle. If hairstyling is too much to ask for, at least brush it and you are sorted. Moving to the makeup bit, you don’t have to be a thorough professional in this. If you are a pro at it, great, if no then too, you can at least go for kohl-rimmed eyes and a good shade of lipstick that suits your complexion. Try it! We assure, you would feel the difference.

3. Nail it!

It is incredibly difficult to take care of our nails in the current time, considering, from dishes to mopping, we have to do everything with these two hands and feet. Well, you can still panper them and your over all mood, by giving yourself a pedicure and manicure once a week. This would not just relax your feet and hands but also make them look flawless. On a weekly basis, change your nailpaint as well and keep colouring it with pastel, peppy and vibrant colours. For how to do a pedicure and manicure, we soon would be coming with a great write-up. So stay tuned!

4. Accessorize

You know, more than our face, what we look at? Our hands because they are always right in front of us. So, it is important that you not just keep it well-groomed but well-accessorized also. Wear your favourite bracelets, rings or even artificial sticky nails, and keep flaunting them on your Zoom video calls. It will make you feel amazing, for sure.

Stay tuned to Glamour Nazi to satiate your fashion thirst, now and forever!

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    1. Woah! Truly Therapy. This gives me the sense to buckle up and show some love to myself. Thanks for the suggestions.

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